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FastPulse Technology and its Lasermetrics Division are recognized as leaders in the design and manufacture of electro-optic light modulators, Pockels cells, Pockels Cell drivers, Q-switches, laser pulse pickers, Optical Isolators, choppers and extraction systems for research and industry. Pockels cells devices are fabricated from KD*P (DKDP), RTP and BBO.

The company integrates its E-O crystal devices with its high voltage, nanosecond switching time electronic drivers to provide convenient, highly reliable optical switching systems for regenerative amplifiers, Q-switching and optical chopping applications.

Crystals are selected for purity and perfection resulting in the lowest possible operating voltages and the highest contrast ratios.

Our clients include U.S. and overseas government agencies, educational institutions, research facilities and laser manufacturers world-wide.

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Fastpulse Technology, Inc. supplies REGEN Switching system to Fusion Research Center at the University of Texas, Austin. (The Texas Petawatt Project)

Fastpulse Technology, Inc., Lasermetrics Division has been awarded a multi-year contract to provide optical laser gating systems for the National Ignition Facility (NIF) located at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California.

Fastpulse Technology, Inc., Lasermetrics Division supplies large aperture electro-optical gating systems for the (AWE) Orion Fusion Project taking place in the United Kingdom.