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LASERMETRICS® grew the crystals for and produced the first large aperture (150 mm) second harmonic generator crystals (KDP and KD*P) and the first 50 ohm, 50 picosecond risetime response laser modulators. Among other "firsts": 1 GHz Lithium Tantalate Phase /Frequency modulators, a space qualified Lithium Niobate Q-switch and impedance matched transmission line type transverse and longitudinal field E-O modulators. A recent addition to the Q-switch product line is Sol Gel Antireflection coatings which are applied directly to the KD*P crystals to provide extremely high damage thresholds and low reflectance.

Current efforts include design and manufacture of high speed pulse extraction and chopping systems for use with mode locked lasers and regenerative amplifiers. These highly reliable systems incorporate high voltage MOSFET circuits which permit packaging in small, easily mounted modules. These new modules complement the company's extensive line of high voltage amplifiers, pulse generators and wide band amplifiers.